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Your insurance company is not your friend! Insurance companies are big multinational corporations with very little regulations. Their main goal is to make money for their shareholders; they do not do this by paying claims quickly and efficiently, and therefore, it would seem that helping their insured would go against their best interest.

Insurance adjusters are very well trained in denying or delaying the payment of claims and/or reducing payments of claims. They employ investigators to spy on you, and they have computer systems and data banks designed to store all types of information about you, such as medical history, credit card history, any prior insurance claim history. They employ thousands of doctors and lawyers to work with them to help deny your claims. This is why it is very important for you to find someone on your side, with the experience and knowledge to help protect you and your loved ones in case of an accident. This is why it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer who is going to work only for you, and make sure your rights are protected, even though television commercials tell us different.

Make sure you hire a lawyer before signing or making any statements to the insurance company, because whatever you tell them may be used against you. For example, they may try and get you to admit that the accident was partially your fault, or you may be called at home by an adjuster and asked how you are feeling, and if you say politely that you are, "fine," that is what they will report. They will later argue that you said, "…you were fine," and thus deny any future claim, by alleging that you are not hurt.

Furthermore, when talking to your doctor or the insurance company, remember what you tell them is being written down in your records, and cannot be changed later. So, if you are not feeling well, make sure you tell the doctor; if you are feeling better one day, tell them that you are having a good day, not that you are fine and have no pain. Once you tell your doctor, or the insurance company, that you have no pain, your claim may die.

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