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You have just been struck by an at-fault driver. You can hear the sound of the at-fault driver slamming on their brakes as their car tires press violently against the asphalt creating an unmistakable screeching sound. You can hear the crunching sound of metal, and the sound of glass breaking, as their vehicle impacts yours. Your car engine is smoking and may catch fire. Your body is violently thrown back and forth within your vehicle, and as you hit your head on the head rest of your car seat, your adrenaline is running and yet you are not feeling any pain except a sick feeling in your stomach. Your airbags deploy, filling the air with smoke and dust, and you hear people talking and asking if you are alright, but you cannot speak or see, because you are dazed and confused, and not sure of what just happened.

My name is attorney Zackary Melkonian; I am the president and owner of Melkonian, P.A a personal injury law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of injury victims throughout the state of Florida since 1999.

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